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E-BOOKS for Book - Lovers’ Paradise




Nowadays, books have become very costly and dearer; as such, it has become difficult for most of us to purchase useful, popular and famous books. As such, we offer costly books on yoga, philosophy, encyclopedia, computer, mobile, internet, astronomy, languages, English literature, marriage, sex, business, management, photography, finance, accounts, investment, health, personality development, science and also books for children and students as e-books at a very affordable price. For details and on-line purchase, visit: - OR -,





Our CD, as a skill-developing course, serves the purpose of learning the basics and techniques in trading with Equities in Shares, F & O, Commodities, Forex and Currency Trading. This fully content & knowledge oriented and skill developing CD contains more than 2500 pages with a lot of graphs while dealing with technical knowhow of world-famous techniques, and apart from these, we give an idea about other investments like Savings, Real Estate, etc. We also provide an e-book, "How to become Rich" as bonus. This CD develops skill to make use of the stock trading as an investment, by on-line, for profitability without any loss at all times, under any circumstances, including the art of how to covert the book-loss into actual profit. This CD on Stocks Trading Course, dealing in depth on Shares, F&O, Commodities, Forex and Currency Trading, is available just for Rs.250 and for details, please visit:






We offer the most educative, informative and useful, standard and authentic, 108 encyclopedias, 10 dictionaries and 227 other books as e-books and as one set for one price. For details visit:


Price: 3,270





We offer the most educative, informative and useful, standard and authentic, 108 encyclopedias, 10 dictionaries and 227 other books as e-books and as one set for one price. For details visit:




Moral and Intellectual Value Stories for Children

Moral and intellectual values play dominant role in moulding the attitude and
approaches of children and their intellectual ability in their life. Therefore, implanting
these values in the minds of the children is vital and it is easily possible if told through stories interestingly and attractively.This is an ebook-Price:Rs.480. for details and
to purchase visit:




CRICKET: its Authentic Rules, Complete World Records & its History

 This is a wonderful e-book worth preserving with detailed explanation about the game and its history in depth; its internationally approved standard complete rules of Test Matches, One Day Matches and T20 Matches which can be referred as standard one. Moreover, this e-book contains detailed all the world records of the game in the perspective of all the varieties of matches and the game. Price:Rs.426.To purchase visit


PREGNANCY & CHILD-BIRTH an education for married couples

This CD contains the detailed explanation and guidance for every married couple about how pregnancy happens, how it grows and about the delivery. It also contains the precautions and care to be taken by both husband and wife both in pre and post natal periods.This CD contains videos to explain these points vividly and clearly. To purchase visit:


Most Educative & Informative Encyclopedias Set

Nowadays the books have become very costly and dearer and as such it has become difficult for most of the book-lovers to read useful, popular and famous books; moreover the educative and informative standard encyclopedias have become very expensive. As such we offer the most educative, informative and useful, standard and authentic, 100 encyclopedias, 5 dictionaries and 55 other books as e-books as one set for one price. To purchase visit:











Chess Teaching Manual & Understanding Pychology of the Play

This exhaustive Chess Teaching manual is prepared by Chess Federation of Canada. The purpose of this manual is to encourage playing the game, as Chess has shown to improve analytical capacity, logical thinking, memory, concentration and visualization skills, patience and persistence, strategic management. The course in this e-book is designed to take the readers step-by-step through basics and more advanced strategies. This e-book contains 303 printable pages with vast illustrations of various different all-possible stages of the game.The second volume deals with Psychology in Chess and analyses the importance of positive and negative psychological factors playing vital role while playing chess and these are described with practical moves in various chess games. To purchase visit:





Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality

Welcome to this treasure chest of sexological knowledge and understanding. You will find in this volume a wealth of information concerning sexuality in a very wide range of human societies. The cross-cultural analysis of sexual customs in this encyclopedia should help us to understand and to cope better with the dramatic changes occurring in sexual customs in so many societies today. This is an exhaustive e-book on Human Sexuality explaining all the words concerned with Human Sexuality in detail with a lot of articles from 100 experts in this field. This e-book contains 1436 pages.To purchase visit:









Useful Books for Children (10 E-Books)*


All the below mentioned 9 e-books will be provided as a set in a CD.


1. Eye Wonder for children


This e-book contains 5 volumes covering space, space exploration, weather, desert and oceans with vast attractive pictures to attract children to learn. This e-book contains 314 pages.

2. Ethical, Moral and Intellectual Value based Stories for Children and Kids

Moral values stories, Panchatantra,Jataka,Tenali raman, Birbal,fable stories,etc containing about700 stories in about 1000 pages

 3. Encyclopedia of Human Body for Children

This encyclopedia is prepared for the children to understand the basic fundamental perspectives of human body: its structure, physiology, contents and how it works in 124 printable pages.

4. Encyclopedia of Nature

This fun-packed nature encyclopedia introduces children to every aspect of the natural world. Incredible pictures reveal how all kinds of animals and plants live together. 

5. Encyclopedia of Sciences (10 Volumes)

This encyclopedia covers the following science subjects: Human Life, Animal Life, Plant Life, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Space, Mathematics, Technology and Research; and contains 615 pages.

6. Visual Encyclopedia on One Millions things

 Inside is a stunning, comprehensive visual encyclopedia featuring gorgeous photography that not only illustrates, but educates. 

7.  Pictorial English Dictionary

 This is a dictionary with pictorial explanatory notes for each term contained in this dictionary. This e-book consists of 414 printable. 

8. First Children’s Encyclopedia

In these pages you can find a country and discover its major features, look at culture and history, and observe wildlife and ecosystems. and contains all these in 306 printable pages.

9. Inventions and Inventors

To purchase this set visit:

Price: 1200


Encyclopedia of Body Buidling

This book deals with evolution and history of body building, explains the ABC of Body Building and about Gym, basic training principles and basic and advanced training programmes. Describing the importance of mind over matter, guides in detail of exercises for each part of body and body exercises for men and women separately. This e-book contains 26 chapters and 528 pages. To purchase visit:

Price: Rs.408


Encyclopedia of World History

This  World History is the first true encyclopedic reference on world history. It is designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, and scholars who seek to explore and understand the panorama of our shared human history. The encyclopedia takes a dynamic world history perspective, showing connections, interactions, and change over time and place. Major articles by leading scholars from around the world examine essential themes and patterns such as Art, Disease, Government, Religion, Science, and War and Peace, with hundreds of articles on processes, movements, places, events, and people. Students and teachers at the high school and college levels turn to this definitive work for a connected view of world history--the story of humans and their place in the universe. This encyclopedia on World History contains 503 pages in 5 volumes. To purchase visit:



International Encyclopedia  of  Human Geography (12 Volume Set)

This encyclopedia has over 1000 pages of information, more than 12,000 photographs and is arranged alphabetically for easy access. It has been compiled by a team of authors, editors, consultants and advisers and contains more than 5000 articles to help with school projects. Easy-to-use cross-referencing directs the reader smoothly from one topic to another. A 20,000 word index and fact-packed reference section are also included.Price:Rs.426.To purchase visit:




Encyclopedia of Women's Health


The Encyclopedia of Women’s Health brings together the knowledge and experience of professionals  from a wide range of fields including medicine, law, psychology, social work, demography, education, epidemiology, dentistry, cosmetology, massage, nutrition, physical fitness, history, and many others. This broad foundation allows us to explore women’s health from a bio-psycho-social perspective, and to consider the many facets of women’s health and the many factors that impact women’s health status. This e-book is intended as a reference both for non-health professionals who wish to have a more in-depth understanding of various topics, and for health rofessionals searching for an introduction to fields outside  of their own.This e-book contains 717 pages.Price:Rs.480.00 and to purchase visit:

Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws and Theories

The purpose of this encyclopedia is to present in two volumes a historical aspect for the important principles, laws, theories, hypotheses, and concepts that reflect this amazing progression of scientific descriptions and explanations of nature. This encyclopedia is designed for the high school and college-level student as well as for the general reader who has an interest in science. Physical laws are generalized factual principles that describe how things behave in nature under a variety of circumstances. Scientific principles are similar general statements about nature as are scientific laws. A scientific principle of nature must be objective and universal. Principles are not xxvi Introduction dependent on the views or statement of individuals but must be true from all points of view and true from all points of reference in the universe. Scientific theories are a type of model designed as general explanatory statements about the workings of nature. A hypothesis is a logical and rational explanation of a series of critical observations that have not yet been disproved or proved, nor accepted by the scientific community. This  e-book contains 965 pages. Price:Rs.408. To purchase visit:



Encyclopedia of Sciences (10 Volumes)

This encyclopedia covers the following science subjects: Human Life, Animal Life, Plant Life, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Space, Mathematics, Technology and Research. This  e-book contains 615 pages.Price:Rs.390. to purchase this e-book visit:


Science of Every-day things - 4 volumes

The aim of this e-book is to explain how scientific phenomena can be understood by observing common, real-world events. From luminescence to echolocation to buoyancy, the series will illustrate the chief principles that underlay these phenomena and explore their application in everyday life. To encourage cross-disciplinary study, the entries will draw on applications from a wide variety of fields and endeavors. Science of Everyday Things initially comprises four volumes:

Volume 1: Real-Life Chemistry

Volume 2: Real-Life Physics

Volume 3: Real-Life Biology

Volume 4: Real-Life Earth Science

This e-book contains 1617 pages and to purchase this ebook visit:






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Our CD will make every person to assess his/her own potentiality and bring it out to the optimum level for his/her achievements and success through-out his/her life with confidence and guaranteed prosperity, maintaining happiness and peace of mind. Moreover it develops an enviable skill to overcome problems and failures, and envisages a strong confidence to win under any circumstances with maintenance of life on par with high morale.  For complete details visit:






Our CD contains vast, various and tasty all the Indian vegetarian recipes region-wise and alphabetically arranged. More than 100 recipes are explained through video presentations. This CD contains vast collection of famous international vegetarian recipes also. For complete details please visit:




Yoga as a Science for ur Personality Development


Our CD covers the topics to understand Yoga and meditation to keep up your peace of mind, good health and emotional management which all together will help for right and sensible best decision making and develop a very strong inner personality. For complete details visit:



Basic Factors for a Happy Marriage


This CD teaches the basic factors for a happy marriage, makes every couple to understand basic concepts and know-how, and develops such required skill so as to lead a guaranteed happy and enjoyable married life through-out their marriage. For complete details and the procedure to obtain this CD-Rom, visit:








This exhaustive course in a CD enlightens every married couple to master the art of intimate interactions for absolute satisfaction of the both through Joy and Pleasure, and how to make use of these tested successful factors to lead enjoyable married life and happy family life.

For complete details visit:




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